What your training will include

What your Training will include

  • Completing a client Consultation
  • Working safely and efficiently and adhering to all guidelines
  • How to make sure you are insured and set up correctly
  • How to launch your business and social media advice
  • Colour matching your clients hair
  • Sectioning the clients hair before application
  • Placement of Hair Extensions to create different looks for volume and length
  • Maintaining your clients Extensions
  • Aftercare for your clients
  • Removing hair extensions
  • Cutting techniques on how to blend and shape the hair to create different desired looks
  • Details on preferred suppliers and pricing structures
  • General information on application techniques and going through your manuals
  • FAQ from potential clients
  • Question and Answer sessions

Our Ultimate course is available at scheduled venue locations or can be held as a 1-1 session. Venue Training will be Full day 9am – 5pm where as 1-1 Training will be 10am-3pm can be at my location or your own (min 1 student – max 3 students)

The course includes

  1. Nano Rings
  2. Microbeaded Weave
  3. Pre-bonded (flat and nail tip)
  4. Micro rings
  5. Tape ins.

1-1 Salon cost: £500

What you will get in your training kit

your Training Kits Include;

  • Training handbook
  • Training head and clamp
  • Heat Connector
  • Hair Extensions for practicing
  • Hairdressing Scissors
  • Hairdressing razor comb
  • Pin Tail Comb
  • Hair Extension Brush
  • Sectioning clips
  • Bulldog Clips
  • Heat Protection Disks
  • Micro/Nano ring Pliers
  • Micro/Nano Rings
  • Removal Solution
  • Needle and Thread
  • Micro/Nano ring application tool

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